little tiny update

hey. not much happening; really busy at work right now. I’m taking a two-minute break. mom’s birthday was yesterday; we went out to Suisha Gardens and had some phat Japanese food. Sushi. yummmm. Tempura. YUMMM. Most amazing restaurant ever. Tamara booked a tatami room for us (a westernized version where you don’t really have to kneel). I’d love to go back and get the real article – I hear they actually have kneeling rooms. Anyway, the ambience was excellent and so was the hospitality. Our waiter(s) did an excellent job of dodging my niece as she darted about the room during the evening.

In other news: it’s Groundhog Day, and Canadian groundhogs seem to concur in predicting an early spring this year. This potentially spells doom for well-loved winter activities such as skiing, skating, and snowshoeing – hopefully Winterlude will still go on as planned.

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