I happened upon the Hiroshima Photography Gallery a little while back and thought I’d share it. The photos are by Hiromi Tsuchida, and are part of a much larger body of his work. Some of his works are in the National Gallery of Canada (where my bro works), and his “Hiroshima” project has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Ottawa. What touched me the most about this collection were the captions that accompany each photo and tell the stories of survivors of the atomic blast at Hiroshima. Most haunting of all must be Part 3 – the “Hiroshima Collection” – photos of personal artifacts gathered at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Overall, this site is definitely worth a look.

Warning: While none of the photos contain graphic detail of injuries sustained at the 1945 Hiroshima bombing, some images and the stories that accompany them may be disturbing.

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