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winter one wayIt’s been a busy, busy week, between work and meetings and various opportunities for service. Martin reports excitedly that the Teaching Committee’s recent meeting with the Counsellors (including a visiting Counsellor from the International Teaching Centre) was drop-dead amazing, and that big things are in the works for Ottawa’s intensive program of growth. No details yet, but look forward to some exciting news (and maybe some big changes?) after this weekend’s inter-institutional meeting.

Wednesday I had the privilege of acting as a substitute tutor for a study circle of Book 3 of the Ruhi Institute – a training book for teachers of children’s classes. It was an uncomplicated session – we simply studied a couple of lessons and collaborated in presenting them to each other – and it was great fun. We studied part of the 27 December 2005 message from the Universal House of Justice, sang songs, played guitar, and moved around a whole lot. One of the participants joined us via speaker-phone from Val-des-Monts, in Québec – cool, no? I was pleased to be able to serve as a tutor once again. For the time being, I’d like to focus on the training of children’s class teachers – since I’ve been heavily involved in teaching myself, and since there seems to be a need to help individuals rise up and teach.

What’s coming up next? Well, Ayyam-i-Há (Intercalary Days) are coming soon. Bahá’u’lláh said of Ayyam-i-Há: “It behoveth the people of Bahá, throughout these days, to provide good cheer for themselves, their kindred and, beyond them, the poor and needy, and with joy and exultation to hail and glorify their Lord, to sing His praise and magnify His Name.” Good cheer… hmmm… sounds like a great time to invite people over to celebrate, do some early spring cleaning, and bring some items (food, clothing, etc) over to a place like the Shepherds of Good Hope.

After Ayyam-i-Há, the 19-day Fast begins. During the Fast, Bahá’ís refrain from eating or drinking from sunup until sundown. It’s a powerful spiritual experience to be able to rise before dawn, eat breakfast and say prayers as the first rays of sunlight are creeping over the horizon. I recommend it to everyone. In that light, don’t forget to print out your very own list of sunrise and sunset times, and check out some fasting tips to help you get the most out of the Fast this year.

That’s it for now, pilgrims. If you haven’t yet, take a moment to fill out my Johari window (yes, I’m going to keep bugging you until you do it), and I’ll catch you later.

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