writing for the right to education: baha’is in the charlatan

As a follow-up to the Fulcrum article on the same topic, The Charlatan, Carleton University’s student newspaper, ran an article about the denial of higher education to Baha’is in Iran and the greater campaign by Iran’s government to destroy the Iranian Baha’i community [1][2][3][4][5]. The article quotes Sam Benoit as chair of the Carleton CABS and Tahirih Naylor as a representative for the office of governmental relations for the Bahá’í Community of Canada. Both describe the restrictions on higher education for Bahá’ís in Iran – including the Iranian government’s numerous attempts to shut down the Bahá’í Institute for Higher Education, an “Open University” organized by the Bahá’ís of Iran.

Learn more about Iran’s campaign to deny higher education to Baha’is.

Visit the University of Ottawa CABS website for more resources, including photos from Dr. Payam Akhavan’s Nov. 17th talk on the situation of the Baha’is of Iran.

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