tahirih goes to new york

tahirih & companyMartinsQuest.com has the following announcement on Tahirih Naylor’s upcoming move to New York City:

On Sunday January 22nd, just 17 months after we helped her unload her things into her apartment on Laurier, we will be having an all-inclusive going-away party for Tahirih at Saffron’s Persian Restaurant at 6:30pm and then chilling afterward at Anisa’s. Clear your schedule and come out since she wants to see everyone there! Dinner starts at 6:30pm

Tahirih’s tireless work for the National Spiritual Assembly’s Office of Governmental Affairs brought her to Ottawa, and her devotion has landed her a position with the Baha’i International Community, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that both encompasses and represents the world-wide membership of the Bahá’í Faith. Apparently, I knew this before anyone else did. Go figure. Make sure to join us at Saffron’s tomorrow to wish Tahirih well in this next chapter of the unfolding story of her life.

Update: Dinner was awesome and the after-party at Anisa’s was delightfully wolfy. Check out the “official” photos on Martin’s smugmug site.

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