silence of the lambs

martin at workhappy friday the 13th. have you noticed the full moon out? according to anonymous poll, exactly the same proportion of people as usual had bad luck today.

for those of you who are wondering about co-webmaster Martin’s uncharacteristic silence, he’s been very busy being a web minion servant for the Conference Board. Martin has taken on much of the web publishing duties that used to keep me so busy, and for that I am most grateful. I tend to take on more of the hardcore design and scripting jobs now. to many of his fans’ chagrin, though, the combination of a demanding work schedule and an equally demanding schedule as a member of the local Teaching Committee (and a very successful teaching team as well) has made it difficult for him to find time to post updates to his website. Contrary to the insane ramblings of conspiracy theorists who see this as a ploy to jack up the hits on my own website at Martin’s expense, I for one would like to voice the sincere hope that soon, Martin will once again be able to offer us, his faithful fans, more of the same high-quality, uplifting and original content we’re used to from

Love ya’ Martin! 😉

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