happy fake new year

hey y’all, just a quick note to say happy gregorian new year (or happy 76 days ’til Naw-Ruz?) and thanks to all the people who came out to our little games night. it was properly insane and lots of fun. who knew they made a board game out of MAD Magazine?

Anyway, photos up soon (from new year’s as well as Natalia’s Birthday on the 1st)… just let me catch my breath here. This is gonna be a busy week – back to work with a huge queue to catch up with, not to mention a Reflection Meeting for our Sector of Ottawa, meetings galore, and, finally, the beginning of the Intensive Teaching Phase of the 4th cycle of the Ottawa Baha’i community’s Intensive Program of Growth. And even more. Gah. More later y0. peace

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