grey blahs and piles of snow for skiing

rue saint-louisstill feeling pretty down and blah. many thanks to the friends who sent little notes of concern and encouragement over the past few days. it seems like I’ve got a case of the winter blues. sad. or maybe SAD. oh well. if that’s the case, at least it’s good news to hear that I’m not clinically depressed. I just need more serotonin yum yum. and I probably need to cut out some of the sweets from my diet (i.e. no more homemade prozac).

The Rideau Canal‘s open, which means the outdoor skating rinks must be open too. Whoever wants to do some skating around, drop me a line. I’ll probably break out my skates and have some fun on the canal soon – gotta remember to get them sharpened. Skiing would be great, too – Catherine just went out to Mont Cascades with friends over the weekend, and apparently it was great.

sigh. still feeling blah and still got my head in some grey clouds. I’m gonna go dump my hot chocolate and get some plain old water. that might help me flush some of the chemicals out of my body.

I’m thinking I should redo the experiment I did a while back, and take some more time to reach out in friendship, to connect with the people around me and to get to know them a little better. last time I tried it, it seemed to have some positive effects on my life in general. I feel like there’s still a lot I have to learn about what friendship really means and how it works – although I’ve come a long way in the past few years. Anyway.

5 thoughts on “grey blahs and piles of snow for skiing

  1. My prescription for happiness (1) play in snow; (2) say silly nonsensical things to sibling/roommate; (3) exercise, preferably in the great outdoors; (4) sleep; and last but most important (5) think of ‘Abdu’l-Baha and ask for strength.


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