new year’s eve

hey. hop on over to our pad on Presland to hook it up for a night of new year’s fun and games. doors open at around 7:30 (when else) for an friendly, informal games night. bring Risk, Balderdash, Taboo, Battleship, and whatever other games you can think of. Bring a friend, too. bring instruments and we can have a jam! feel free to pop in any time during the night – we’ll be there for a while. food provided. we might even attempt the party-by-webcam technique we pioneered at the birthday party earlier in the month – except this time, we’ll set it up so that it doesn’t keep shutting off the connection… and I won’t be blocking the view all the time.

anyway. those who wish to play games, you’re more than welcome to pop by; those who’d like to watch, msg me on MSN to hook up the webcam. peace

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