happy birthday to me :)

my 26th birthday with familytavalod tavalod tavalod mubarak (etc etc) yes it was my 26th birthday today and it was all a great deal of fun fun fun fun (yay) a good day at work was followed by (!!!) a sumptuous dinner at a local indian cuisine restaurant (yum) with tikka and tandoori and butter chicken (etc etc) (yum) and oooohhh there is a new camera in the house (!) a new five mega pixel camera called the canon sd610 (oooh) and it is very good and does many tricks (yay) so i took it out to the inter institutional meeting afterwards and sat and listened during the marvelous encouraging and spiritually charged consultation between the many lovely baha’i institutions (yay!) after which some hungry people went out to the clocktower pub in new edinburgh and had themselves (as we like to call it) a night on the town (word) with perogies and chicken fingers and suicide wings (uh oh) and at the end of it all there was a little piece of cake with a candle on top (yay) that we all shared together.

it made me very happy 🙂 thanks guys! 🙂

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