birthday wrap-up

aram on webcamlast night’s alphabet-themed birthday party went rather well. we had about 20 people in and out during the night, and about 6 to 8 people checked up on us via webcam. a big thanks to everyone who came out and made the evening a success, and to those people who made our night by showing up online. we ended up starting a lot later than 5:30 PM, and skipping the devotional portion – bummer, but oh well. you can’t win ’em all. Maybe I’ll post up the alphabet-themed quotes from the Baha’i Writings I found…

I think this has been my most celebrated birthday ever. there were four parties in the same week (one with family, two with friends, one at work – oh, and the office christmas party but that didn’t really count). Not bad huh? I have to say that my favourite part of the whole birthday experience had to be the meeting on wednesday and the after-meeting hang-out afterwards. To me, part of being Baha’i is participating in the administrative process, being a part of consultation, and experiencing that blessed unity, love and energy that is a hallmark of the Baha’i administrative order. Being there, contributing, and then heading out with friends afterwards to bask in the afterglow was nothing short of affirming and fulfilling.

you can check out the birthday 2005 pics online – where? that’s right, on my flickr site.

NOTE: Also on my flickr site this week, check out the photos from Misagh’s going-away party last Friday – they’ll be going up gradually during the next few days.

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