return of the ottawa baha’i youth slang glossary

finally, after several years’ absence from the web, the Ottawa Baha’i youth slang glossary is back and more complete than ever. have you ever wondered what those crazy Ottawa youth are saying when they talk about being “j” over someone, or when they call something “e”? do you feel out of step with the world when you hear such terms as “I got numbers”, “clickable”, or “ben de tings”? are you wondering whether you should be pleased or insulted when someone calls you a “heyvoon”? all these questions, and more, are answered in this glossary.

Over 125 terms are explained, with references to etymological origins (i.e. where the word comes from) and links to encyclopedic articles that provide deeper explanations. And if you think I spent too much time putting this together, you’re probably right, but I still hope you enjoy it. Go see. Now.

3 thoughts on “return of the ottawa baha’i youth slang glossary

  1. Dude, “Ruhi” doesn’t mean “lion” in Persian. Lion in Persian is “shir” (which also happens to be the word for ‘milk’…). Ruhi is an Arabic word meaning “Of the spirit”, so, relating to the spiritual.

    Give it up for the glossary!! YAAA!!!!

  2. big ups to tazz and misagh who pointed out this error. big ups to me too for not knowing persian (or arabic).

    and big ups to the guy who told me it meant lion.

  3. Wow, this helps so much. Up until now my conversations with Ottawa Baha’i youth have left me feeling confused and a little ashamed, but now that I have this as a resource I’ll be able to figure out at least half of what they’re saying. Great job!

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