dr. william s. hatcher: 1935-2005

Dear Friends,

with a heavy heart I must inform you of the passing of a very dear friend and devoted servant of the Cause, Dr. William S. Hatcher.

Dr. Hatcher passed away suddenly and apparently without any suffering in the evening of Sunday, November 27, 2005, in Stratford, Ontario. Details of the funeral services, to be held in Stratford, will be announced later.

Memorial services will be held in Montreal and Quebec City at a later date.

Dr. Hatcher is survived by his wife, Judith, of 45 years, their two daughters, Dr. Sharon Hatcher and her family, of Chicoutimi, Quebec, Mrs Carmel Davy-Hatcher of San Francisco, California, and their son, Ben Hatcher of Montreal, Quebec as well as seven grandchildren.

The contributions made by Dr. Hatcher to the Cause are far too numerous to mention here but he leaves behind a highly distinguished legacy of service. His services in Switzerland, Quebec, Canada, and Russia as well as his writings are especially noteworthy. In addition, he was a close personal friend who had a great impact of this writer’s life and career.

Prayers are humbly requested for the soul of Dr. Hatcher and for his widow and family.

With warmest greetings to you all,

Marion R. Finley, Jr.
Montreal, Quebec

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  1. Received today:

    We were deeply grieved to learn of the passing of William Hatcher. The Baha’i world has lost one of its brightest minds, one of its most prolific pens. He will long be remembered for his stalwart faith, forceful exposition, and penetrating insights which characterized well-nigh half a century of ceaseless services marked by his wide travels as a teacher of the Faith and lecturer, his pioneering to Russia and Switzerland, his membership on the National Spiritual Assemblies of Canada, Russia and Switzerland, and his vital role in the founding of the Association for Baha’i Studies in North America. We extend our loving sympathy to his beloved wife, Judith, their dear children, and other members of his family and assure them of our prayers in the Holy Shrines for the progress of his illumined soul in the spiritual worlds beyond.

    The Universal House of Justice

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