children’s classes!

natalia & meeshave you ever taught children’s classes? you should try it. it’s a trip. I started getting involved with Baha’i children’s classes when I moved back to Ottawa from Drummondville, back in the summer of 2004. I was asked to help put together a set of online resources for teachers of children’s classes, which was integrated into the intranet on the Baha’is of Ottawa web site. Afterwards I got to serve as part of a children’s class in my neighbourhood. Recently, some of the kids that were part of that class joined up with a newly established local French-language class. It’s being taught by a brave band of Baha’i youth – Catherine, Julie, and Fanfan – oh, and me. The first class was an introductory session – we learned each other’s names, got to know each other, talked a bit and then drew pictures. we’re all just getting used to the class and seeing what we’re comfortable with and less comfortable with. we don’t really have a coordinator per se; Linda from the Assembly’s Education committee has been invaluable in providing logistical support, and helping me plan the classes each week.

There was a training session at our place on Wednesday, for aspiring animators of junior youth study circles. that was fun. The training will be taking place every Wednesday; the first one happened at our pad (yay!) Arash is facilitating the class; we’re using materials developed by the Ruhi Institute for training junior youth animators. I’ve posted a few photos; take a look.

Uh oh – gotta go. Finding Nemo’s on.

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