attentionIt’s Hallowe’en. Do you know where your children are? Remember, kids, wear lots of reflective tape and make lots of noise. and if strangers come up to you and give you a hard time, egg them. and make sure you make frequent trips to dump your stash before moving on to the next street. and carry your UNICEF box. (for real. and don’t jack the cash either, that’s starving kids in africa you’re robbing.)

a couple of weekends back, some friends and I went out hiking in Gatineau Park, and ooohed and aaahed at the view, and ooohed and aaahed at the fall colours everywhere. It was the right time to go out for a hike – the leaves were turning all shades of yellow, orange, red and brown, and most of them were still on the trees. Just a few days afterward, we had a cold spell with lots of wind (maybe Wilma’s fault) and all the leaves just dropped right off. Anyway, I think you ought to go see the photoset on flickr. really.

In other news: the Baha’is of Sector 9 (Vanier/St.Laurent/Beacon Hill) will soon be getting a French children’s class – I’ll be one of the teachers, as will Catherine (zeta) and Julie and Fanfan. If you know of any French-speaking kids in the area who’d be up for some sunday school that’s not catéchèse, then maybe this is the thing for them. drop me a line and I’ll pass the word along.

And in yet other news: keep your eyes open for the RETURN of the CABS GLOSSARY, as promised, later this week.

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