what’s going on (more or less)

so, the past week has been (mostly) good. Last Friday was Dr. Janet Khan’s talk at Carleton University on Bahíyyih Khánum – coinciding with the release of her new book, Prophet’s Daughter: The Life and Legacy of Bahíyyih Khánum, Outstanding Heroine of the Bahá’í Faith. She gave a well-researched portrait of Bahíyyih Khánum, describing her life and contributions to the Baha’i Faith and the worldwide Baha’i Community. Hearing about her role in the administration of the Baha’i World Community in the early days of Shoghi Effendi’s mandate as Guardian gave me a much better understanding of why he was always so grateful to her. I think you should read the book. Go for it.

Sam and I went out to Chelsea on Saturday night for a french-canadian music night organized by the Baha’is there. It was fun – we just sat around singing all night, punctuated by bouts of eating and drinking and making merry (for the most part, sans alcohol). There was even some dancing, and accordion-playing. omg.

Tazz and I spent a chilly Sunday afternoon hanging out in New Edinburgh, after which we went to the well-attended 19-day Feast in Sector 9 – where we scored phat Persian food. Oh yeah, not to mention that my family started the day by inviting me and zeta to join them for breakfast at Perkins on St. Laurent. Matante Rose (the poet) was down from Moncton for a conference – it was cool to see her. (I could do without the 9 AM wake-up call on a Sunday, but, well – you know. it’s family.)

Monday and Tuesday were crazy at work as we prepared to launch a majorly important special report and then watched our entire web server crash violently just as people were going on the radio to advertise it. It’s days like these when you really earn your pay. Not to mention that it’s more exciting than posting agendas and powerpoint presentations all day.

Tonight was a fun fun celebration of the Birth of The Báb, with a very nice program full of music and good food. There were lots of people there and everybody shook hands and said how do you do. I met new people and it was fun. And now I’m tired and I need to go to bed so peace.

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