photos: basim’s bday and attack of the bollywood collars

basim reads the menuSo in case you weren’t in the know or you haven’t checked Martin’s web site lately, it was Basim’s birthday last Friday. So in order to celebrate all together, Tazz alpha-maled us (to use Sam’s term) into going to Zak’s Diner for eats & treats (including famous Zak’s milkshakes). Martin and I took a whack of photos; I’ve just posted all of mine on my flickr blog. Check it out, reminisce, see what you missed, or just have a good laugh watching a bunch of friends goofing it up. Don’t miss Sam Benoit’s patented motion blur freak-outs.

And speaking of wierdness, check out the photos (one, two)I took of this odd bollywood movie from the seventies. Catherine and I were groggily watching tv this morning when it came on. it was actually pretty funny. everybody was dancing it up in traditional bollywood style – while wearing the most atrocious clothes. you know, bell bottoms, wide collars, and the like. all they were missing was the gold chains. the main guy reminded me of Herb Tarlek from WKRP – clothes-wise as well as personality-wise (he even looked a bit similar).bollywood movie why is it that the characters in these bollywood movies are always falling all over some beautiful woman (or man) so much? maybe it’s not that they get so j, maybe it’s just that they choose to sing about being j for half the movie. anyway, I digress. photos for those who wish to witness the wackness.

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