it’s cold and there are wolves after me

bleah. everyone is sick around here. I’m fighting off a lingering cold that’s got me coughing and congested. My weapons of choice are soup and OJ. It seems to be working OK – colds never last long anyway so they’re a good excuse to eat lots of soup. Mmm soup. I love soup. with homemade bread.

Work at the Conference Board has been going well. We’re getting into a busy time chock full of conferences and other events, so things are busy and still picking up. I deal with a lot of design issues during the course of my work – it’s a fairly artistic job, and I learn a lot as I go. Lately, they’ve had me working on a lot of HTML emails. Yes, I create spam for a living. Don’t kill me. At least it’s nice spam.

I also recently worked on a web site for the Niagara Institute, a division of the Conference Board that offers leadership development courses and executive leadership programs and whatnot. I’m really happy with the way the site turned out, I think it’s really nice (and so do a few other Ottawa webmasters, by the way).

biiiiig hugOther than that, life has been pretty busy. Thanksgiving weekend was pretty good, what with family dinner out at Mom & Dad’s place, and aram + natalia’s wedding last Friday (pics are up on flickr). On the Baha’i side of things, I’ve been juggling some committee work with the prospect of starting a French-language children’s class soon. It’s proving to be a challenge to get started, because we haven’t really found someone who can handle the logistical aspects of running the class – just brave souls who feel comfortable teaching. That’s been one of the things that’s been holding me back, actually – the prospect of being tied up with logistics, phoning people up, doing follow-ups, and so on. Anyway, that’s a work in progress. Prayers definitely needed.

Speaking of work, time to get back to it. Peace.

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