arrest and arbitrary detainment of baha’is in iran

Further to the information about the denial of higher education to Baha’is in Iran, the following is an excerpt from an article included in the April-June 2005 issue of One Country, the newsletter of the Baha’i International Community, about an upsurge in arrests and arbitrary detainment of Baha’is:

In a striking upsurge in persecution, some 37 Bahá’ís were arrested and taken into custody in Iran during the months of March, April, and May 2005. Most were arbitrarily detained without any charge being filed against them. […]

The wave of arrests in spring 2005 follows a number of other incidents earlier this year. In the city of Yazd, starting in late December and continuing through January, a number of Bahá’ís were arrested, detained, and interrogated. Several were beaten in their homes, at least one Bahá’í-owned business was set afire, and the Bahá’í graveyard there was desecrated.

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