reflection meeting wrap-up

open mike @ the rmOver the weekend, the baha’is of Ottawa experienced what can arguably be called the best reflection meeting in their community’s long history. Organized by a tirelessly devoted Teaching Committee (who selflessly volunteered weeks of work, sometimes meeting ’til up to 2 AM, in order to pull it off) and backed by the love, encouragement and active engagement of the various Institutions of the Faith, the meeting brought together what must have been over a hundred individuals from across the city to share their experiences in an atmosphere of learning and encouragement. To hear the reactions of those participants who attended the city-wide Feast the next evening, it was a smashing success that was universally enjoyed.

The materials presented at this reflection meeting were clear and easy to understand, and even fun (when someone calls a PowerPoint presentation “fun”, you know it’s a big deal). consultation worksThe arts played an important part in making this meeting special, from the Official Video launching the 3rd cycle of growth to the spontaneous singing that broke out during the meeting. The facilitation was expert, including the reading of recent guidance and profound consultation with members of the local and national Spiritual Assemblies, the Baha’i Council of Ontario, Assistants and Area Coordinators. Perhaps what was most special was the presence of the entire National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Canada, fresh from their weekend-long meeting held in the newly-acquired Ottawa Baha’i Centre, who shared with us their love, their greetings, and their words of wisdom and encouragement.

Many thanks to all those who made this meeting possible. I can’t wait to see what this new cycle of the intensive program of growth will bring!

For more information about Ottawa’s program of growth, you can check out Martin’s summary.

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