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me and mees

Launching the 3rd Cycle of Ottawa’s
Intensive Program of Growth

Jack Purcell Community Centre
September 25th, 2-5pm

The successful results of cycle 2
will be shared, and the chance to
form new teaching teams and/or join
existing projects will be available.

4 thoughts on “reflection meeting reminder

  1. Readers who would like to fit these reflections meetings into the context of the new CULTURE OF LEARNING AND GROWTH, can go to Baha’i Library Online and they will then have access to a 64,000 word, 125 page document entitled:THE NEW CULTURE OF LEARNING AND GROWTH:Community and Individual Paradigm Shifts:: A Context and a Personal Text. tHIS ARTICLE CONTAINS Reflections and personalunderstandings regarding this new culture of learning and growth and the accompanying paradigm shift in the Fourth and Fifth Epochs of the Formative Age: 1986 to 2021 and the Second Epoch(1963-2021) of ‘Abdul-Baha’s Divine Plan. Views: 1328 [more]

  2. Since I posted the above comment here 40 days ago at this Bahai blog, a blog with the original, the unusual, name of doberman pizza, it seemed like a good idea for readers to receive some specific steps on how to access my article/essay at Baha’i Library Online(BLO). I have noticed that in those 40 days there were over 1300 views of my article. The steps to access my article are simple: (i) type Baha’i Library Online or Baha’i Academics Resource Library into your search engine; (ii) click on the small box “By author” at the top of the access page at BLO; (iii) type “Price” into the small box that then appears and click on the word “Go;” and then (iv) scroll down to article/document item #46 and (v) click on that item and read to your heart’s content. When your eyes and your mind start to glaze over, stop reading. The article can be downloaded free and you will then have a 125 page, 60,000 word context for all this new paradigmatic terminology that has come into the Baha’i community in the last 13 years. The statement is a personal one, does not assume an adversarial attitude, attempts to give birth of as fine an etiquette of expression as I can muster and, I like to think, possesses both candor and critical thought. I invite readers to what I also like to think is “a context on which relevant fundamental questions” regarding this new paradigm may be discussed within the Baha’i community.-Ron Price, George Town, Tasmania

  3. Apologies to those who prefer the internet convention of short posts. There is, though, much on the internet that is in the form of very long posts; for example, articles, essays and ebooks, among other genres of writing. For items which you find too long, for which you simply do not have the interest or the writing is not your cup-of-tea—just stop reading…that is a simple enough process. This essay to which I refer to above is now 80,000 words and some 70 pages at BLO and is being revised day to day and week to week as this new paradigm finds its home all over the planet–now in its 14th year of operation, little by little and day by day as it is often said.-Ron Price, Tasmania

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