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Neat thing found on Baha’i Blog: a new website called Baha’i Locations. It uses the Google Maps API (the same thing I used to put this together) to provide a geographical interface listing Baha’i landmarks and activities in various places. Basically, if the Baha’i community in a city has a whole bunch of activities going on and wants to advertise them, they can submit them to the web site and they’ll pop up on the map. From their FAQ:

The initial prototype for Bahá’í Locations was created in June 2005. Over the summer months, two Canadian Bahá’í youth set out to create a full-scale version of this prototype. By September 2005, they had the first version of Bahá’í Locations up and running, and launched pilot projects in the Seattle area with the support of the Auxiliary Board Members for Washington State and the Spiritual Assemblies of the Pudget Sound area.

It’s pretty cool. For a good idea of what the web site can do, load up the site and go check out the Seattle area. There’s tons of stuff going on, and it even shows you a little colour-coded pin where a Ruhi study circle is taking place! It’s a little bit like the Google Earth (KMZ) maps on, which show you where different Baha’i activities are happening in the Ottawa area… only FANCIER!

I love maps. Can you tell?

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