asbestos and geotagging and baha’i youth

hey yo
just came back from a little town in the Sherbrooke area called Asbestos. Yeah, it’s called that because there’s a huge asbestos mine in the town – in fact, the largest open-pit asbestos mine in the world. fun (not). seriously though, it was fun – I was there for a farewell party for two baha’i youth, friends of mine from my quebec days, who are going on a year of service to Gabon. plenty of photos were taken – check some of them out at my flickr photoblog. some of the comments are in french only, but hopefully the pictures explain themselves.

I’ve been geotagging more and more of my photos, that is, tagging them with coded information that shows where each one was taken. then, using a website like – or even by using a Google Earth KML file – you can plot thumbnails of all the geotagged photos on a map. The Google Earth interface is especially cool. You just click on the link, open it directly from the browser, and voila, Google Earth opens up and shows you the 50 geotagged flickr photos nearest to your current location (interestingly enough, Google Earth’s default location when starting up is Lawrence, Kansas, home of the University of Kansas. probably a coincidence.) Anyway, try that KML file sometime. You’ll like it. Scroll around Ottawa and see what you find – or check out the area east of Montreal and see some of the pics I’ve geotagged so far.

ahhhh, in for a fun week this week. watch this space soon for the launch of a website I’ve been working on at work. it’s phat.

oh, by the way, Mr. and Mrs. Nakhjavani’s talk was amazing and touching (as usual). I recorded the talk and hope to digitize it soon enough – if you’re interested in a copy, let me know. (btw: I apologize to those people who I haven’t gotten back to about last year’s talk – just email me again to refresh my memory and we’ll talk) The Nakhjavanis are presently on a tour of the province of Quebec: they should be in Valleyfield right now (west of Montreal, off the island); they’ll be giving a talk in Montreal on Tuesday, and apparently they’ll be passing through several towns, including Drummondville and Sherbrooke. What a bounty to be showered upon the friends there!!! hopefully their efforts will be confirmed by the Blessed Beauty and the Baha’is in those regions will come out, as they say in Québec, “un peu moins niaiseux”.

I can say that, because I lived there 😉

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