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from the chain-letter department: tomorrow is national “i love you” day. well that’s funny – it’s not Valentine’s Day, and all the greeting card sites say that January 19 is “Whisper ‘I love you’ Day” … I wonder what’s so special about September 20th. Well, it’s Sophia Loren‘s birthday, and Dr. Joyce Brothers‘s birthday as well.

September 20th doesn’t seem that interesting to me (sorry, ladies). Not like September 23rd, which is the first day of fall. Fall is my favourite season – everything turns colours, and there’s wonder all about. It gets cold and nippy outside and we need to put on jackets to take walks through the falling leaves. We appreciate our homes more for the protection and warmth they afford us. We reap the benefits of the harvest, and make good food like turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie – not to mention steamed carrots, sweet potatoes and pickled beets.

found on news.bahai.org: David S. Ruhe, 1914-2005. An obituary for former member of the Universal House of Justice David Ruhe, who passed away this month after suffering a stroke in August. Catherine has several prints of David Ruhe’s paintings – gifts from her service at the Canadian Baha’i National Centre in Thornhill, ON. We cherish these paintings – Dr. Ruhe was a very talented artist. Undoubtedly his craft helped him grow closer to God – now, freed as he is from material limitations, may his journey continue to carry him ever closer to his Creator, and may his works help inspire those he left behind in this mortal world.

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