canada expresses concern over the persecution of baha’is in iran

Read up on this: Bahá’í community welcomes statement by Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. From the CBNS article:

Minister Pettigrew expressed concern “over the deterioration of the human rights situation in Iran […]” In detailing areas of concern, Minister Pettigrew’s statement also called “attention to the persecution of minorities in Iran, including members of the Bahá’í faith.”

Minister Pettigrew’s statement brings about the possibility of a UN resolution condemning the abuse of human rights in Iran sometime this fall. Canada has supported such resolutions ever since the early 80s, when the Revolution in Iran sparked mass persecutions of Iranian Baha’is. The past few years saw a hiatus in the passing of any such resolutions, possibly for political reasons.

Many Baha’is in Iran have been killed, imprisoned, and denied basic human rights – such as the right to freedom of worship and the right to higher education – simply because of their Faith.

You can also read the Foreign Affairs press release.

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