bahai refugee camp?

I was searching Google just now when I came upon an article about a “Bahai Refugee Camp” at the border of Chad, Darfur, and Sudan. I was surprised. The Baha’is are running a refugee camp? In Darfur? Wow. I followed a link and found a set of photos by Michal Ronnen Safdie – haunting, but beautifully taken photos. They didn’t help me see the Baha’i connection, though – although in picture #19 of that set, I suspected there might be a study circle going on… Finally I continued searching, and discovered that there is actually a town in Chad called “Bahai” — also spelled “Bahay”. I even found it on a map. Neat.

If you haven’t read up on the Darfur conflict (as happens to so many of us busy people), there are plenty of resources to look through.

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