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hey. listening to Jurassic 5, chatting with friends. here’s a quick wrap-up of the last seven days of my life.

between workplace birthday parties and all-day divisional meetings at The Log Farm, I must have worked less this week than any other. what work I have been doing has been uncharacteristically… well, uninterrupted. it’s not often that I have whole days to myself to work on mostly the same thing. I tend to work very well under pressure, so I don’t mind too much when there’s a lot of stuff to do — I find it exciting. Like Indiana Jones swinging over fiery document pits and escaping from the ravenous clutches of e-mail cannibals. I’ve been dipping into ASP and VBScript for a client who wants an interactive web form… neat, more stuff to put on my resumé! The Conference Board has been a great thing for my career so far… lots of learning and horizon expansion going on.

One cool thing: there was a speaker at our recent divisional meeting who was touting RSS as a superior communication protocol, and left a good impression of it on the participants… and I turned out to be the person in the crowd with the highest level of expertise in RSS, so that means more meetings… and perhaps RSS development at the ‘Board? Who knows. I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s a little excerpt from a post I made to my photoblog, but it’s deep enough that it applies here too: I’ve decided to make it a point to get to know the people around me a little better, reach out in friendship, take time out of my busy schedule to have one-on-one people time. I’m not generally a “people person”, that is, a person who feels real comfortable dealing with people on an individual basis. I’m more of an introvert. (Oddly enough, I seem highly outgoing, I can perform on stage like a maniac and I’m an excellent tour guide.) So real friendships have seldom been a big part of my life, except for certain rare deeper relationships with people I feel exceptionally comfortable with. anyway, I’ve been doing some work on myself lately and lightening up, as it were – starting to feel a little more comfortable with making and keeping friends. so I’ve decided to push it for the next little while, and replace some of my “alone time” with some people interaction. we’ll see how it goes.

Right now, the Ottawa Baha’i Community is going through what’s being termed an “intensive program of growth” – if you’re not up to speed on it, then read up on Martin’s explanatory note.

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