in which a guitar is violently smashed

hmm. tomorrow is garbage day. the neighbours threw out an old guitar.
some guy just walked past our front walk, saw the guitar, picked it up and started beating the hell out of it. seriously. he whacked it against the sidewalk until it flew into splinters, in some kind of Pete Townshend-esque whacking frenzy. I looked out the window to see what was happening, and called out to him – upon which he stopped, said “rock ‘n roll, dude” and walked away.

Si vous vous demandez c’est quoi que j’ai écrit ci-haut, ben euh un gars vient juste de fesser sur une guitare abandonnée juste en dehors de mon appart… c’est la journée des vidanges demain alors bien sûr ya du stock sur le trottoir, y compris une guitare… pis le gars vient passer, il le voit, le prend et puis il commence à virer fou en le fessant contre le trottoir… entk y en a des ces gens.

En passant (et complètement hors sujet), il y a des nouvelles mises à jour sur le site Jeunesse Baha’ie.

3 thoughts on “in which a guitar is violently smashed

  1. you couldn’t translate “rock and roll, dude”?

    That’s the best part of the whole story, why’re you depriving your French-brethren?


  2. How does one translate “rock and roll, dude?” It’s not as simple as “heille c full trippant man!!!” there’s the whole rokken connotation that’s just lacking from my francophone vocabulary.

    and marco – I speak, read, and write English and French fluently, and understand some spanish, portuguese, arabic and persian (although I wouldn’t feel comfortable holding a conversation in any of these).

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