aahhhhh happenings !?!?

hey y’all. I be chillin in my air conditioned workplace, waiting for things to cool down outside a little (and waiting for some things to finish up). Work’s finished, so I’m taking a little down-time. Jeremy (from Trois-Rivières) just got online so we’re chatting a little. There’s a new update at Jeunesse Baha’ie – go check it out. (Français: Y a une nouvelle mise à jour sur le site Jeunesse Baha’ie, allez donc voir!)

I got mystery shopped this morning. That was a new experience. I first heard about mystery shopping when I was working at the SADC in Bécancour. One of the people who worked there was in charge of the “Mystery Shopper” program. Basically, she called up shops and companies who subscribed to the program (or showed up at their doorstep, depending on which sort of shop or company it was) and evaluated their customer service. So, for example, today, I had to deal with a request about the Conference Board’s visual style standards. Very interesting. I like the concept. And it was funny when the person finally told me who she was. It was sort of like being on Candid Camera, except they’re not making fun of you. Like that Bell Canada guy who called me up one time. Anyway, I digress. Besides, that’s an entirely different story.

hmmm we had a really great weekend. Saturday night, Catherine and I had a barbecue with our neighbours – and for the first time ever, we really had a chance to spend time together and get to know them. They’re all pretty cool. Two of them, John and Tamara, are moving out at the end of the month so we figured we had to send them off, hence the BBQ. It’s too bad we didn’t do this earlier, though. It’s amazing what you can miss if you don’t reach out to people and get to know them. That’s why I’m enjoying this process of getting to know the people around me… it really does some good to be friends with the people around you. Sure, for me, it takes some time to get to know people. I think that’s one of the things that’s traditionally kept me from putting too much time into getting to know people – it took me so long to get comfortable with people that, by the time I got anywhere, I had to move on. I guess working on this contract at the Conference Board has given me the short-to-medium-term stability that I needed to start building stronger relationships with people. Actually, yeah, that makes sense. In the past while I’ve seen a lot of my friendships with people grow stronger. Some haven’t progressed as well, but I’m learning from my mistakes. God knows I’ve needed a shot in the character for a long time.

Hmm, OK, gotta go. Dinner calls. More ramblings later, perhaps, or maybe more links!

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