victoriaville, day 2-3

tonight is my last night in Victoriaville; tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be catching the 5:20 bus out of here and back out to Ottawa, so that I can get back to work bright and early on Monday. I miss the Ottawa gang already, but I’m really glad I took the time to come down here and catch up with people. things have gone beautifully throughout this trip, and I’ve been able to catch up a little with lots of people – including almost the entire Bahá’í community of Victoriaville. What really amazed me is how much people opened up when I visited them, and how they were willing to share their struggles. It was a new experience for me to feel trusted like that, and it was a good feeling. I knew these people a long while back as a pioneer, but I didn’t feel that same feeling of openness back then. I wonder what the difference is now. Maybe it’s that I’m coming from the outside now, instead of being directly involved with the community. I’m no longer a pioneer to Victoriaville – the dynamic is different. I’m just a friend coming to visit, to lend an ear and some encouragement to the people I meet. Maybe people feel more comfortable speaking to someone who’s removed from the action – who’s “safe”. Maybe it’s a sign that I’ve made personal progress, too – I’m more willing to open up to others now, and I feel more confident approaching people, hence the openness from others. Anyway. Food for thought.

I feel dehydrated still, even though I’ve already gone through several glasses of water and Gatorade. Today had to be the hottest day of the year so far in Victoriaville; 30 degrees C. Plus, we happened to be refinishing Craig & Geneviève’s roof today. In the morning it wasn’t too bad, but by dinnertime, the heat was blazing and making us slowly die of heat exhaustion. it was e. to make up for it, the sunrise was beautiful, and the meals were awesome. we had homemade submarine sandwiches for lunch; I bought a poutine, and took pictures – someone on buzznet wanted pictures of poutine. We finished up eating spaghetti with homemade sauce for dinner. Anyway, it was a good workout. I’ll probably have a tan (or, at worst, a burn) when I come back tomorrow.

There’s been so much stuff happening. so many people visiting. Yesterday, Julien and Angèle drove all the way from Danville (yay!) to bring my order of bakery-fresh bread (double yay!). Today was the wedding of Jean-Rock, a Baha’i from Thetford Mines, and several of the Baha’is from Victoriaville were there. Along the way back, Joshua and Tamarih (who live in Québec) stopped over. Josh treated us to his fine kiwi sense of humor and helped us wind down the roof work for the night. so many little experiences all stuffed into this week. my brain is a bit foggy right now so I’m not sure I’ll be able to string them together properly until later. so yo. The next update is gonna be a big phat wrap-up of the whole trip. look out for it.

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