victoriaville, day 1

I finally woke up when the dreaded tongue-monster scampered in and tried to lick me to death. Then, Spider-man insisted I get up and catch evildoers with him. It took a few minutes of half-asleep hiding beneath my blankets before I actually did get up. groggily, I sat up and tickled the excitable Shih Tzu with the long tongue to keep him from jumping on my face, all the while promising Alexandre I would help him catch a nice bowl of cereal until the evildoers showed up. The day today was pretty good, all in all, but it seemed even quieter than yesterday. The pace is slow for me here, and I really feel like I’m on vacation and not serving humankind or something.

After breakfast, I spent the morning at the Victoriaville Loblaws, selling raffle tickets to benefit Solidarité Nord-Sud Bois-Francs, a local development organization. Several Bahá’ís in the area are involved in their activities. Anyway, I was replacing Geneviève for the morning (headache, no sleep last night, etc). While there, I caught up with Constance, one of the local Baha’is, and Sylvie Gendron – who I lived with for much of my stay in Victoriaville. It went well. We sold 33 tickets in 3 hours. Not bad, eh? Heh. While at the Loblaws, I recognized lots of people I had worked with back when they were opening up the Loblaws in Victoriaville. That job lasted about a month, sandwiched somewhere in between the cranberries and the coffee.

Once that was done, I had lunch and decided to take a walk to downtown Victoriaville and take pictures of some of the places I knew there. That was cool. Now, downtown Victoriaville isn’t big. It’s nothing compared to downtown Ottawa. You can pretty much walk across it in less than twenty minutes. But that’s part of what makes it so cool – it’s tiny, it has character, and everybody’s friendly and glad to see you. In downtown Ottawa, say Hi to someone and you might as well be trying to convert them or rob them or something. Or both. Anyway, I digress (again). Lots of pictures. Check for some of them on the photoblog.

Afterwards, I visited some more old friends – for instance, Stéphane and Sylvie, a devoted and courageous Baha’i couple who are raising an autistic child. Ruth, an aboriginal woman and long-time friend of the Bahá’ís, who apparently declared her faith in Bahá’u’lláh just yesterday (wow!) Martin Yelle of the Centre Emmaüs, who conducted the gospel choir I sang in way back when. Stéphane gave me a copy of a spoken word CD he recently published – 9 hours’ worth of philosophical musings phrased in understandable and accessible language so everybody can catch it. Which would interest this Martin except that the latter speaks no French. Sad. Before I drove back to Gen & Craig’s, I drove up to the top of Mont Arthabaska, soaked in the view, and took some sadly inadequate pictures. I’ll be posting a panorama once I get home, though. We’ll see if it’s any good.

In the evening I spent time with Gen & Craig, and Gen’s mother who came to sleep over. She usually stays in Québec (City), but she’s actually working in a small town not far from here – Plessisville – so it makes sense for her to drive fifteen minutes more to be with family a little. In the evening, Gen put Alexandre to bed, while the rest of us drove down the street and over the bridge to play, um, golf. Actually, it was just a driving range, not a real golf course. I’ve never played golf before now, and now that I’ve tried it out, I feel safe in saying that it’s the most ridiculous game on the face of the earth. Give me some basketball for crying out loud. Not that Tiger Woods is a buffoon or anything. I’m not saying that. Lord knows I’m not saying that. Whatsoever. Really.

Anyway, I think the most that happened today was a good round of prayers, a little service to others, and some good visiting. That sounds good. Oh, and I talked with Jeremy this morning – finally, I think I’ll be forgoing my planned trip to Trois-Rivières, and staying in Victoriaville instead. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to attend Feast here on Sunday, and come back to Ottawa spiritually refreshed and ready to kick big kung fu holes in life. word. anyway.

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