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Martin called today while on his way to a Teaching Committee meeting, asking how my trip went. I said it went well, and the wrap-up would be posted on my blog soon in case he wanted a full story. He said he didn’t want to have to read through my long posts, and would I please give him the abridged version. It went something like: “It was good, I went to Drummondville, then Victoriaville, met lots of folks, got caught up, helped out, and oh yeah, talked to a few people about Bahá’u’lláh.” So, if you’re looking for the short version, there it is, you can stop reading now – otherwise, keep reading.

Sunday morning, after a long day of hauling shingles around in the oppressive heat on top of the roof, I woke up to more crazy Shih Tzu tongue, more stomping around, and sounds of breakfast and pleasant socialization upstairs in the kitchen. I groggily eased myself out of bed and checked the time – #@%@*&, it’s not even 8:00!!! – and ambled headlong into a nice, refreshing shower. Today there was a different crew; Laurent stayed in Warwick for the day, and Chakda (Geneviève’s brother-in-law) was preparing for his thesis defense back in Sherbrooke. Instead, we had a slew of hefty, pure-laine Québécois neighbours from down the street helping us out, along with Benoît and Aurélien, a local Baha’i father-and-son team. Aurélien recently celebrated his 19th birthday; I gave him a copy of the Adam Crossley / Nine Point Landing CD I got at Unravel the Mysteries (I hope he likes it). Anyway, I hauled away and played gofer until around noon, when it was time for me to start packing up. Before leaving Victoriaville, though, I sat in on the 19-day Feast and told everybody stories of how Baha’i activities are doing in Ottawa, as well as showing them the pictures I took. It was beautiful. Victoriaville Feasts are small, to be sure, and a little disorganized compared to Ottawa Feasts. But that’s a temporary condition. It took over sixty years for Ottawa’s Baha’i community to grow to the point it’s at today. These folks are just setting out on their journey, and there’s a long road ahead of them, filled with divine confirmations just waiting to rain down on whoever puts their trust in Bahá’u’lláh and steps out into the arena of service.

One thing I learned during this trip is that progress can be slow, but it happens. While I was in Victoriaville pioneering my time pioneering (in case you’re wondering, that’s Baha’i shorthand for “going somewhere and staying for a period of time to help advance the progress of the Baha’i Faith”), everything seemed to go so slowly and I always wondered when things would finally get moving. I didn’t realize until now that things have been moving, in God’s time. Sometimes people do their very best to make things happen their own way, to convince others that theirs is the way to go, and so on – and meanwhile, God’s plan is in motion, setting things up in the background, making things happen slowly but surely, changing hearts one by one, a little at a time. We can either help that process or hinder it, but in the end, God’s will shall be done.

Going on this trip renewed my confidence. Bahá’u’lláh writes, “The source of courage and power is the promotion of the Word of God, and steadfastness in His Love.” It gave me courage to be able to tell people about His message for humanity. Sure, I didn’t do a perfect job of it, and I could have done more of it, more frequently, with more zeal and vigour, but I did what I could. I got to encourage a lot of my Bahá’í friends who were downhearted, and bring some light and joy into their lives. I got to be a “servant of the servants”. That meant a lot to me, and it made me feel like I was really making a difference. Beyond that, it just felt good to do – it felt right, like I was fulfilling my life’s purpose. That’s a great feeling. As well, going on this trip restored much of the confidence I lost after leaving Drummondville last year in the throes of a crushing depression. I felt the difference between then and now – and all the healing that’s come since last summer. I realized, I CAN do this. I CAN live my life in accordance with Bahá’u’lláh’s teachings. I felt intensely thankful.

Sahba suggested to me that I could get some Ottawa youth together for a teaching trip in the Drummondville/Victoriaville area sometime, perhaps during the summer. That could be interesting… it’s not too far from Ottawa, it’d give people a chance to practice their French, and it’d be easy to hook up (since we already have an ‘in’ with those communities already)… even better would be to have some of the Baha’i youth visit one of the native reserves out that way. There’s a pow-wow in Odanak in the first week of July… sound interesting, anyone? Let me know and we’ll hook something up… I was already planning on going down there and joining in for a day. Inshallah.

Ok, Catherine’s going crazy on me so I think I’m gonna have to go. Otherwise she might start attacking my keyboard and making me type all sorts of random letters. So, in conclusion I wish you all a good night, a pleasse aof gseok okergk, gerso[,gas’; sagl,regs,erl’,reagr4eyhagy89a 98 earha r hearjae rjejraHBRRE%HYU%$


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  1. just for the record, that was not me making him type crazy letters… He did that all by himself!

    Catherine aka “scapegoat”

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