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I found a pretty interesting blog today, by someone who goes by the name of Devin and who just left Haifa after serving at the Baha’i World Centre for about four years. Check it out. He has lots of beautiful photos from his service in many different parts of the world, and there are links to other stuff too – like this Middle Eastern Geography game.

Uh-oh – it looks like the cops came knocking at the door of the Baha’i National Centre last week… No worries, though – nobody was in any trouble. Their visit was “part of an effort to form closer partnerships with the faith communities in the area immediately north of Toronto”, according to the CBNS story. They also visited Buddhist, Hindu, and Jewish temples. Director of External Affairs Gerald Filson led them on a tour of the Centre, and gave them an introductory presentation to the Baha’i Faith to boot.

I’ve got a few other stories to post, including a few about some of the Baha’is out in Victoriaville – yes, they appear in the local news every now and then, too – but I’ll keep those for later. Speaking of Victoriaville, the photos from my little teaching trip to the Centre-du-Québec should be posted up soon, before the end of the month. You can always check my photoblog for highlights, of course – I generally post a few shots up from major events whenever they happen, and I leave the longer, photo-essay type albums for here. (Note to self: clean up the interface of this website to give more prominence to the photo section.)

Aight I’m out yo. PS get the new Coldplay album; it’s hot. Uh, I mean cold. Uh, I mean… forget it.

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