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today was national jam tasting day at work. i brought homemade jam, and we tasted it. on host pieces (square sheets of cracker-like substance used to make communion wafers – also called retailles d’hosties in french. that was good for a few laughs. (p.s.: several sheets of this stuff have been swiped by well-meaning francophones so far.) the jam was good – most people seemed to like the blueberry-cranberry variety. the mixed berry jam came in a close second and the cranberry jam won its own share of converts, too. heheheh. converts.

so my family and I celebrated Mothers’ Day by going out to see the tulips at the Canadian Tulip Festival. It was a beautiful day – bright sun, cool breeze, and lots of very pretty tulips all around. I got lost in the flowers and just took picture after picture. I screwed up the focus on some of them, but most of the close shots were fine. see some of them on my photoblog.

noticed recently: farshid is posting new updates to his website again, after a long hiatus. check out his pictures from the National Baha’i Convention in Montreal. also found on his website is a link to payamos‘s blog (payam aka payou). also, if you’re a fan of Google Maps‘s satellite feature, why not check out the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette, Illinois, or the Canadian Baha’i National Centre in Thornhill, Ontario?

lastly: for those of you interested in hunting (for or against it), you’ll be interested in this article about the… well, bizarre practice of computer-aided hunting. uhh. visit a web site and shoot an animal with your mouse? I could think of more fulfilling things to be doing with my time, like… collecting toenail clippings. now, while i’m not a big fan of hunting, I recognize that it has its place, particularly hunting out of necessity (i.e. gathering food, etc.) I have to admit I’m against hunting for sport; isn’t it rather crass and disrespectful to take the life of an animal just because you want its head on your wall? Furthermore, if you’re going to hunt and kill something, it’d be honourable to at least be there when you’re doing it, no? Or even to do as early Native American hunters did and say prayers of thanks to the animal’s spirit for yielding its life in the hunt. anyway. that was a rant. a rather blunt rant, too. sorry if I’ve offended anybody. I’ll be off now. I’m going to go kill something and eat it.

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