return of the deadly haunted virus

oh crap! (mouse crap, to be exact.)

Hantavirus hits Quebec

MONTREAL (CBC) – Health authorities are dealing with the province’s first case of the deadly hantavirus. A man from Nicolet contracted the disease in a forest area just north of Trois-Rivières last year.

I’m going by trois-rivières soon, too. I guess I’ll make sure not to breathe in any mouse poop.

Lacoursière says Quebecers shouldn’t be too concerned, because precautions can be taken. The disease is carried by mice, humans can only be infected when they breathe the virus in, usually through dust containing mouse feces.

2 thoughts on “return of the deadly haunted virus

  1. hey –
    not sure exactly what the treatment, but here’s some useful information that might help:
    from the first link: “Anyone who develops difficulty breathing and has recently been in an area contaminated by rodents should see a doctor immediately.” as is the case with any health problem, you should always consult a doctor when unexpected symptoms show up.

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