It’s cold today. I look out my window and see little dunes forming in the snow from the wind that twists and snakes around, leaving pockmarks and craters from the fall of some snowy divot kicked up by the icy breeze. The sun is setting now, casting long shadows and blinding drivers on their homeward treks.

That was my attempt at sounding deep. I’m not gonna keep it up because I’m not feeling really deep right now — plus, some guys are painting the office and the fumes are starting to get to my brain. I think if I keep going I’ll end up sounding like Tolkien on crack. Anyway, I wanted to share some good news with you — Kelly, my manager, came to me today and told me that they’d like to extend my contract from the end of April to the end of September. I haven’t signed any paperwork that makes it official yet, but it’s a welcome sign that they appreciate my work. Yay!

okay, gotta go. take care now.

2 thoughts on “today

  1. “There must be some mistake”

    “Then get back to frikkin’ work”

    “You all know how at zoos the strangest animal is everyone’s favorite”

    “Hopefully they’ll start paying you as well!”

    “Were you hired to build their site or blog on yours?”

    -lightening it up courtesy of the nice folks at

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