mees is back! (and other news)

Misagh is back from his service in Zambia! Post your warm welcomes as comments to this post, or in Martin‘s shoutbox.

The Ottawa Bahá’í community’s Ayyám-i-Há festivities this weekend were most excellent. If you missed the super-pumped performance of Funk Master Vafa and DJ Dan Jones at the Kanata Ayyám-i-Há party, see it on Vafa’s website. Also, this week’s photo of the week is from the Ayyám-i-Há/study circle wrap-up party that Julie and Fanfan hosted on Sunday night. It was cozy and friendly and fun. The participants from the recently-completed study circle on Ruhi Book 6 were there, as well as many of their friends and family. The rest of us were kind of stragglers. Oh and people brought their kids too. The kids were money. There were a couple of two-year-olds that were just too cool, all hopping around and giggling at everything. Sahba and I sang “I’m a little teapot” to one of them. As for food, Catherine and I brought some neat middle-eastern pie things from the nearby shawarma shop, and people seemed to love them to pieces (crumbs). There was also some excellent Spanish omelette that Tonia P. made, and – gosh – so many good things I don’t even remember them all. Roasted plantains… roasted chicken… wonderful things… Oh and cranberry juice (of course). Can you tell I have an attachment to food? I’m really gonna need the Fast this year.

I met lots of new friends, as well as one of the Ottawa Bahá’ís who had just come back from Drummondville — he played African drums for an Ayyám-i-Há event put on by the Drummondville Bahá’ís. He told me all sorts of stories about what’s going on over there. Apparently it’s really amazing. Several people have become Bahá’í over there recently and many more are becoming involved in community activities – the proof is in the numbers: a community of perhaps nine or ten adult Bahá’ís hosted this event, which netted about 80 guests. Phat, no? Check back later; I’ll post up more stories (as I get them).

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