viva las lunch break

good afternoon ladles and germs. speaking of ladles and germs, the soup at the conference board was pretty good today. some sort of okra and rice concoction. gumbo, I guess. anyway, it’s a grey day over here and I’m sort of dragging my way through the day. I’ve been more stressed out and tired than joyous and radiant lately. Maybe I’m sad, or maybe it’s SAD. I guess all I can do is plug along and take a hot bath at the end of the day.

there are a couple of things I wanted to post up: first of all, I added a nifty geo-locator to the bottom of my blog. so now, whenever someone visits my blog, it adds a little dot to tell where they come from. neat huh? I saw it on Marco Oliveira’s site, Povo de Bahá, and thought it looked like a cool gadget. So scroll down and take a look!

next, I’ve found a couple of Baha’i RSS feeds that might interest you:’s Newsfeed, and’s Photo Gallery Feed. Remember Go check it out. What’s more, ask them about opening up more RSS feeds – i.e. news articles, stories, etc. They’ll add more if more people ask for them 🙂

And lastly… well… lunch break’s over… more later. I’ve got an awful lot of meetings this week so I may be taking the rest of my time to rest up and sleep. In fact, if you do see me somewhere this week and I’m not resting up and sleeping, kick my butt and tell me to get back home and get to sleep.


1 thought on “viva las lunch break

  1. Dan,
    Thanks for linking.
    I don’t thing I did the correct setup to my geo-locator. Other Portuguese blogs have working perfectly (blinking with the number of user on-line).
    Instructions for the geo-locator are in French and that’s not my favorite language 🙂

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