even more interesting search terms

Hello all you dobermaniacs out there. I’ve been gathering these up for a while now, so it’s high time for another installment of “Interesting Search Terms”. Doberman Pizza is linked to a whole whack of search engines, and a lot of my hits come from them – people looking for dobermans, for pizza, and for other… interesting things. I’ve already posted up several examples in the past (1) (2) (3); now here’s a sampler of what people have been looking for over the past few months.

  • I love arash hashemi (you’re on the wrong website then)
  • el poulet fantastico
  • show how to make pizza by steps and pictures (I should make a clickable)
  • make in approaching the introduction of pizza (hi, my name is pizza. come a little closer, please)
  • carstairs carruthers
  • hot pictures of daniel jones (come on… all the pictures of me are hot… except this one)
  • pizza religion (sounds like an appetizing religion)
  • how to train a doberman with kids (…instead of dog biscuits? that’s just wrong)
  • pizza roll pics
  • ice car (the iceman cometh… in a ’64 impala)
  • hat rack (yay!)
  • Drumondville magazine rack (freakin typo)
  • WANT TO LEARN WAITERING (welcome to the doberman pizza school of waitering?!?)
  • comme on fait pizza
  • boy chases geese (…geese goose boy)
  • year of service guyana baha’i
  • tsunami memorial
  • how well do I know myself? (good question)
  • hog jowls
  • pizza tsunami (…um)
  • pics of food poisoning (eewwww!)
  • mel gibson baha’i (more rumours)
  • tock game
  • tautou trust god (audrey tautou aka amélie poulain)
  • saint ferdinand quebec
  • doberman pics of teeth
  • pioneering posts bahai

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