a note to start off the week

last week started out pretty rough, but it mellowed out at the end of the week, and finished up with quite a nice weekend. on Sunday we had our weekly prayer-capades skating devotional, and we went out onto Dow’s Lake to skate. It was fantastic — such a great day to go out skating. There was a university competition on the lake to see who could build the best wooden catapult. Several teams from different universities across Canada were tossing around big orange balls with arcane wooden devices. Some looked like crossbows, some like trebuchets, others like slingshots — one of the teams saw their entry snap in half while they were getting ready to take a shot. talk about your disappointment.

I installed a fish tank. It’s the photo of the week on my photoblog. go see.

Pictures may go up soon from a variety of events: an Assistants’ meeting that happened on Saturday afternoon; a Baha’i Youth Service Orientation Meeting that happened on the 5th (Bagha, you owe me pictures); Aram’s birthday party (actually, some of them are already up on my photoblog – check it out); not to mention various family get-togethers, as I’ve mentioned before. Anyway, keep your eyes open.

Overall? Life is changing, and in good ways. Sure, there have been some stressful moments recently — busy with work, striving to fit in service to the Baha’i community, visits with friends old and new, and enough rest to keep me healthy and sane — but I notice that I’ve been dealing with them with a little more ease than I used to. I guess I feel confirmed in my efforts.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day, y’all. Enjoy the love, and the chocolate. Give a nod to the Saint if you like. Don’t get too j though, someone might have to smack you.

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