back to work

back to work after the holidays. it’s tough to switch gears and get back into the rhythm of work after a long vacation. I really appreciated the rest I got during the holidays, and I’m glad to have shared some of my time with friends and family. All those of you out there, you know who you are – you rock my world. Thanks for being around. By the way, don’t forget to check out Martin’s and Vafa’s websites for photos taken during the Ottawa Baha’i Youth festivities after the Feast of Honour (Sharaf) and at Natalia’s new year birthday party. I can’t wait ’til Ayyam-i-Há!

The world was rocked by the news of a powerful earthquake in the Indian Ocean that sent tsunamis slamming into the coasts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, and countless other nations over the holiday break. Looks like a big part of the world didn’t have such a Merry Christmas (whether they celebrate it or not). Good thing is, lots of people are wanting to help. Check out the Tsunami Help Blog to find out about ways you can help in relief efforts. Red Cross and UNICEF are also good places to start if you’d like to donate to help relief efforts.

Misagh recently came back from a visit to the Baha’i Mother Temple of Africa in Kampala, Uganda, still on his year of service. I talked with him the other day over IM (gotta love the Internet) and he seems in good spirits, though swamped. We’re all rooting for you Mees!

Ok, that’s enough for now. More later, of course. Everybody please have a positive Monday-afternoon time.

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