QUICK NOTE – to follow up the phatness from last sunday aft, we are meeting up to do prayer-capades again, this Sunday afternoon at 1 PM, @ Catherine & Dan’s pad in sector 9. come get your skates on. come have cookies and hot chocolate and pray in front of the fire. come in droves. let your friends know. or, if you can’t come, tell somebody else to come. and if you can’t tell somebody else to come, then God bless you.

Today has been the most insanest week (that was for you, Catherine). Lots of work coming in all at once – I guess everyone wants to get their web updates in before the Christmas holidays. One positive side-effect of the holidays is the celebratory luncheons where they give you boxes of chocolates and stress balls with smiley faces on them.

Who’s going out on vacation during the holidays? All my family are close by this year, so I’m thinking I won’t be doing many great trips. I was considering going out and visiting friends in Quebec, but I think that might be too much of a strain for me right now. Of course, the very interesting Quebec Youth Conference is in the beginning of January, down in my old digs, and I am planning on showing up there. So, what are the rest of you doing during your holidays? Are you planning on celebrating Christmas? What sort of meaning does it have for you, if any? Is it just a pleasant family get-together? A hellish stress-out and money pit? Or does it have some sort of real, living spiritual significance for you? Do you love or hate Jimmy Stewart? Are you celebrating something else instead, like Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah or (as Farshid suggested recently) Chrismukkah?

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