I was born into this physical world on December 7th, 1979, at 12:45 PM. that means I’m now twenty-five years old. a quarter century. wow. that’s something. to celebrate this material milestone, the Presland posse is setting a new spiritual milestone, known as:


Time: 1 PM

Date: Sun, December 12th, 2004

Place: Catherine & Dan’s place in sector 9

Come join us for a round of prayers on Sunday afternoon… followed by a round of skating at Vanier’s Bernard-Grandmaître Arena! Inspired by the successful youth devotionals in other parts of Ottawa, this is a time for people to get together for a dose of spirituality and an afternoon of goofing around on the ice! So whether you want to sharpen your skating skills for the upcoming skating season, or whether you want to come pray and learn with friends, or whether you just want to come out and have a good time, the PRAYER-CAPADES are for you! If this event goes well, more will be planned regularly throughout the skating season, probably up til the end of March! So bring your skates (sharpened), and dress warmly. Unfortunately, hockey equipment isn’t allowed in the arena during public skating hours… but once the outdoor rinks open, well, that’s a different story.

Contact me via MSN or email for details, or send me a comment through the email link at the lop left corner of this page (under my mood).

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