mug thief!

It seems that someone stole my mug at work. it wasn’t just an old whatever mug, this was a phat-looking insulated mug. I guess that’s why it got jacked. Carrying that thing around is like driving around in a souped-up BMW with $5,000 hubcaps. I mean, I looked all around for it, but the fact is, I remember leaving it on my desk when I left work on Friday, and Monday morning it was gone. Apparently this isn’t the first time someone’s had their mugs swiped here, either; one of the editors who used to work in the Publishing department reported having been robbed by a mug thief once. I just can’t understand why someone would want to steal mugs, though. Of all the things in life that you could steal, why a mug? Why not steal my computer? My chair? The TEAMWORK poster in back of my desk? Those TEAMWORK posters must go for a lot on the black market. “TEAMWORK IS THE ABILITY TO WORK TOGETHER TOWARD A COMMON VISION.” It even has the obligatory bad grammar/sentence fragment: “THE ABILITY TO DIRECT INDIVIDUAL ACCOMPLISHMENT TOWARD ORGANIZATIONAL OBJECTIVES.” That’s not a sentence. That’s just one big noun phrase. Business-speak is weird. Use good grammar. I want my mug back. 🙁

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