more birthday pics, and flu

so here we go: the dan jones birthday photos. the last-minute invitation for bowling at MacArthur’s Bowling Lanes turned out to be an enjoyable glow-in-the-dark free-for-all – and of course, dinner wasn’t bad, either.

argh. I was sick today. I guess it was a good day to get sick; it was pouring rain and overall very dreary. it was either food poisoning (bad curry) or a sort of 24-hour flu. whatever it was, it seems to have run its course for the most part – although I still can’t eat all that much solid food. man that sucks.

no work tomorrow. my family will probably be having a little get-together on the weekend, not so much to celebrate Christmas as to celebrate our time off. but to all those of you who celebrate Christmas, whether it be as a time for love, honour, and fellowship among men, or whether it be to celebrate the birth into this world of a Manifestation of God, well, Merry Christmas, and many more.

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