christmas and random interesting anecdotes

Today’s a festive day at work. For one thing, it appears that our external network connectivity is down. Huzzah! Of course, I can still blog, so it’s not entirely down, but goodness knows, we all need a little loss of network connectivity. It allows us time to look around us and take stock of where we are in life, to feel grateful for family and friends, and to take care of the little things like picking little slivers of skin out of the folds next to our fingernails, sweeping crumbs off our desks, and tossing out month-old post-it notes.

Anyway, besides that, today’s “Goodies Day” in Publishing. I brought over a bunch of Tim Horton’s goodies, such as cinnamon rolls, pecan butter tarts, and their specialty December donuts (named “Chocolate Snowflake”; they’re sprinkled with cocoa powder). Others brought cookies, frosted muffins, crab roll things — and not everyone’s here yet. I’m looking forward to it. I like goodies. Call me attached to the things of this world, but I do like and enjoy good food. Anyway, further to the goodies in Publishing today, IT is supposedly having its potluck lunch tomorrow. So pizza (and apple crisp, maybe) is in order for Thursday. Add to that the fact that my workload has been reduced to near-zero thanks to diligently slicing through the glut of requests that clogged my inbox last week, and I’d have to say that this week has been a pretty good week.

I’ve been getting a lot of spam. Today I got a message entitled: “What Al-Quran says about: Devil / Satan”. It’s supposedly a live discussion over Internet hosted by some Quran-study group based in Pakistan. They offer a study session in Urdu. I think I’ll attend that one. Not.

Ok, time for work now. Here’s looking at you.

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