random notices

some things that might interest you:

  • All of Vafa‘s halloween party pictures are up.

  • The Ottawa Bahá’í community recently had a celebration to commemorate the Birthday of Bahá’u’lláh. Martin will be posting pictures tomorrow… give them a look!
  • It was my Dad’s birthday today. How old is he? “None of your business.” 😉
  • I’m still working at the Conference Board of Canada, with no signs of letting up yet… and some signs that they might start getting me to do (gasp!) computer programming!
  • The Quebec Bahá’í community’s commemoration of the Day of the Covenant will be in Trois-Rivières, on Sunday, November 28th, beginning at 1 PM sharp. Actually, it’s being held at a day camp to the west of the town (in Pointe-du-Lac). Consider going, and getting to know some Bahá’ís on the other side of the river!

QCsaviez-vous qu’il y a plusieurs webcams qui montrent des différents endroits à travers le Québec? Voici ceux que j’ai trouvé jusqu’ici:

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