network trouble

gah! my router’s acting funny. such are computer networks – always getting messed up. all it takes is for something to happen out of sequence, and suddenly your router thinks it’s 1970. I’m running a wireless network, too – first time I’ve tried that. It’s quite convenient. We borrowed a laptop from mom and dad, and we can use it in any room of the house and still have a connection to the internet. of course we’ve had some problems getting the wireless adapter to work, and the network connection is sketchy at best. So there are advantages and disadvantages. I suppose it’s better than the alternative.

Recently, I was appointed to the Baha’i Community’s Sector Management Team for Ottawa’s Sector 9 (Vanier – Overbrook – Cyrville – Beacon Hill). We had a meeting tonight; it was similar to my experiences serving as members of Spiritual Assemblies. It’s basically a mini-Assembly (except that it has a mandate restricted mostly to logistical questions). It was a nice experience; plus, two good friends of mine are also on the team so it’s cool that I get to hang around with them. I’m not sure of much right now (since it’s my first time) but I know that if I want to keep this up I’ll have to re-evaluate some of the things I do. I was comfortable with just a children’s class every two weeks, weekly meetings, some social events, and some work during the week. but this isn’t just one new meeting to go to; it’s all the homework that you take back home. I’m wondering whether I’m able to handle all of that homework right now, and where my limits are. I know that at the beginning of this year I had taken on too much, and I suffered greatly because I was trying to live and work beyond my capacity. So I ended up getting very depressed, up til the point I realized I had to fall back and make a change. So… what I’m hoping now is that I can avoid that last part and just make wise decisions as to how many commitments I take on. Good luck so far, good luck so far. i’ll have to make more time for meditation in my life. I get the feeling I’ll need it.

I’m a month away from being 25. I think it shows… I sound old. 😉

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