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Welcome all ladles and gentlemints to the Lunch Hour Follies with ex-Lion Tamer Dan Jones. It’s a grey day in Ottawa and things are moving very s l o w l y. It’s the right day to feel depressed, if you swing that way. I suppose it’s a good thing that the day is so grey because the evening will be a little more packed than usual. I’m (supposedly) meeting up with Tazz at the University to work on some ULTRA SECRET TOP SECRET NATIONAL SECURITY SECRET DOCUMENTS for CABS, after which there is a Children’s Class Teacher Training session at Lees which I plan to show up to. That’s somewhat interesting. More interesting than sitting around waiting for people to give you stuff. I’m s o o o o o o o o o o o o b o r e d o h m y g o o d n e s s i a m b o r e d

not that every day is like this. some days are like this and some days aren’t. it’s a little unpredictable when you work in publishing, I guess. some days, everybody decides to submit their publication requests all at once, and then you have what we call a publishing glut. that’s when everybody takes some advil and brews an extra pot of coffee, and the printers are booked up until 4 AM. so that’s one extreme. then days like today are the other extreme. oh, here come some jobs. there, I have something to do. good. it’s nice to work. it makes you feel good, and it pays your bills. it’s good for you. it makes you feel good about oatmeal.

come to CABS on friday. Room 205 in the University Centre (a twenty-second walk from the Tim Horton’s). Don’t ask questions. Just come. [NOTE: come *next* friday… this friday there’s no meeting. -dj]

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