yet more interesting search terms

hey. I’ve been gradually cataloguing more and more interesting search terms (1) (2), and I guess now would be the time for another installment of “Interesting Search Terms People Use To Find My Website. For obvious reasons, lots of people find my site while looking for information on pizza, or doberman pictures (even blue doberman pictures???) Here are some of the more wacky searches…

  • project challenge sandwich illinois (ummmmmmm… I wonder whether that project got funding)
  • poetry and “bat, cat, mat” (google is not a rhyming dictionary!)
  • pics of pizza from all around the world
  • the pizza industy (note the typo… yes, I actually wrote ‘industy’ somewhere)
  • funny hat (yay!)
  • seatbelt education/children
  • pizza CHIEF
  • snow cat catherine microbiology (someone trying for a googlewhack?)
  • toyota sinus car pics (sinus… hmm… that must be next year’s model)
  • what a new car (I’m sure I must have called someone a “new car”)
  • biology pizza quest (pepperoni… or mystery meat? let’s find out!)
  • jokes loblaws
  • “all wacked on the scooby snacks” (lol!)
  • learn haw to make pizza restaurant (hee haw)
  • yummmmm (doberman pizza is the #1 site for this term!)

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